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João Madail

João Madail was born in Portugal, in Lisbon, in 1957. He is a member of the Cachimbo Club Portugal. João has always loved the work of wood. In 2010, during a slowness contest, a pipe shop opened a workshop for João Reis, and he gave a demonstration of his work. João sees João, and thinks he can do it. He gets the basic material.

It is in 2011 that he begins to carve his first pipes. he will be helped two or three times
by João Reis, during one of his rare visits to Portugal.
The first pipe is for him, the following for his colleagues at the CCP.

After this he have more training with João Reis in Denmark .
Since his retirement, his new job as piopemaker has provided him with a supplement,
both financial and therapy, to keep himself busy.

Last years he was a usual presence in Chicago Pipe Show and Chengde International
Pipe Show.
Pipes are made of Italian briar from Mimmo or from Manno,.
The stems are acrylic or cumberland from SEM.
João starts by looking at the block, he reads the wood, and decides what shape he will give it. But he does not forget that pipes are made to be smoked, must be comfortable in
hand and smoke well.

It produces about a hundred pipes a year, smooth, rusticated or sandblasted , but his
favorites are the smooth ones.
His pipes are signed by laser , and the stem have a SCORPIUS engraved.

The pipes are marked with four grades:

  • Scorpius Alpha , classic, low-priced, rustic forms found mostly in local shops.
  • Scorpius Beta, for smooth models without interesting grain, or with dots, or
  • Scorpius Delta, for classic models with good grain.
  • Signature , pipes with particular shapes, with a grain that highlights them, signed João Madail.